Limelight Prime®


Hydrangea fall colors
The fall color of Limelight Prime hydrangea is more saturated than that of 'Limelight', as seen in the background.

When ‘Limelight’ hydrangea came on to the market, it became an instant classic. Limelight Prime® hydrangea shares all the same qualities that made the original a success, while also offering:

  • A denser, more compact habit that creates a lush, full look in the landscape
  • An earlier bloom time, which is especially beneficial in cooler climates
  • Better flower color, from its early summer green phase all the way through autumn’s red and pink tones
  • Strong, sturdy stems that won’t flop over, even under the weight of enormous blooms
  • A smaller size that works perfectly for home landscapes and gardens


4-6' tall + 4' wide | 1.2-1.8m tall + 1.2m wide

Cold/heat tolerance

Hardy down to USDA zone 3; heat tolerant through USDA zone 8b


Any well-drained soil will do - as long as the soil doesn't stay wet for long periods, Limelight Prime hydrangea will grow happily.

Bloom time

Limelight Prime hydrangea blooms in mid-summer. The flowers start green and develop their pink/red coloration beginning in late August, when the weather gets cooler. Its long bloom period means you'll enjoy colorful flowers for 3+ months every year.

How to use

Limelight Prime hydrangea can be grown as a flowering hedge, eye-catching specimen, or as the backdrop to a perennial or vegetable garden. It does well in large containers, and makes an outstanding cut flower, both fresh and dried.


Plant in full or part sun in cooler climates. In warm areas, plant with some morning sun and shade during the hottest part of the day.


Easy-care panicle hydrangeas don't need much fertilizer - one application of a granular rose fertilizer in early spring is sufficient.


Pruning panicle hydrangeas like Limelight Prime is easy: just cut each stem back by about one-third its total height in late winter or early spring, and remove any thin, spindly branches. This builds a strong base while encouraging lots of new growth for dozens of fabulous flowers.

When to plant

Limelight Prime hydrangea can be planted spring through fall. In cooler climates, you may even plant it in summer, provided you'll be around to monitor watering needs. In hot climates, early spring or fall planting is recommended.

lime blooms
light pink blooms
dark pink/red blooms

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